The Big River Cruise

We’ve decided to leave tomorrow out of Greenville, MS. The weather looks good and we’re anxious for warmer weather. Plus, at $2.00/ft., the overnight fee is crazy. We walked to the library today to plot our anchorages for the 4-5 day trip to New Orleans. We couldn’t go much further since there are no cabs, no public transportation, and no Uber here. So here’s the plan for our next leg.

Saturday, December 10: Leave Greenville, MS heading down river. We hope to make it about 100 miles to the Race Track Towhead our first day. It is just south of Vicksburg, MS.

Sunday, December 11: Continue to Fitz Island, about 30 miles south of Natchez, MS.

Monday, December 12: Continue to Profit Island, about 10 miles north of Baton Rouge, LA. We may stop at Baton Rouge Harbor to anchor instead depending on the day’s events.

Tuesday, December 13 (Happy Birthday, Nancy Cooper!): Continue to Plaquemine Point, about 40 miles south of Baton Rouge, LA.

Wednesday, December 14: Continue to or destination for this leg: New Orleans, LA.


Things may change based on weather conditions and our fancy. We have quite a few other anchorages picked out along the way in case we need them, but we’d really like to stick to this schedule.

Based on our fuel consumption thus far, we will burn approximately 240 gallons of our 400 stored to run the engines (not taking into account we are moving with the current). The generator uses 1.4 gallons/hour, so we could run it all day and night (which we never do) and still have fuel to spare. So we’re feeling quite confident, which of course, can only bring trouble. The sage continues…

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