Nothing to See Here

I got nothing. No interesting tidbits to share. No pretty sunset snaps. No acrobatic falls. Nothing.

Other than we officially gave up on getting Banjo to piddle and poop on his grass plot. A few days ago Rick dismantled it and hauled it to the dumpster while Banjo watched in all his smugness.

The newest battle of the wills is getting him to walk long enough so he doesn’t poop on the dock heading back to the boat. I’m just resigned to it, but Rick has to rant for five minutes or so afterwards. 

Oh, also, when I went into the office to pull out my sewing machine, I found it sitting in a puddle. Half the floor was wet and the laptop was wet. Laptop and sewing machine are fine. The floor, not so much. Little water bubbles have popped up like floor blisters and the floorboards are are darkened. An A/C water hose that had been angled to a drain had gone caddywampus (technical term) so the hose was draining down to the ground and seeping into the floor. To fix it, Rick had to remove the vent, cut a larger panel to be able to maneuver in there, dry it out, replace the wood “shelf” the hose sat on, and rebuild the panel so the vent fit properly in the new space.  He will also need to replace a large portion of the floor he laid a few months earlier. But that’s for another day.

While he was dealing with that, I was sewing new seating for the foredeck bench, all 13 feet of it (photos to come). Its nearly completed. I’m down to the hand-sewn part, which will be done while we head to Paris Landing State Park in Buchanan, TN, tomorrow.

Which brings me to the travel schedule for the next two weeks. For those following along:

Monday, September 23: Paris Landing State Park, Buchanan, TN

Tuesday, September 24: Pebble Island Marina, Johnsonville, TN

Wednesday, September 25: Clifton Marina, Clifton, TN

Thursday, September 26-Sunday, September 29: Grand Harbor Marina, Counce, TN

Monday, September 30: Bay Springs Marina, New Site, MS

Tuesday, October 1: Midway Marina, Fulton, MS

Wednesday, October 2: Columbus Marina, Columbus, MS

Thursday, October 3: anchor out along the MS and/or AL shoreline

Friday, October 4: King Fisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, AL

We’re still waiting out hurricane season, so we plan to stay in Demopolis for a while.

Ooh! Ooh! I almost forgot! Just prior to Clifton we will float under Interstate 40. At that point, we will be “crossing our wake,” having completed America’s Great Loop! Whoop! Whoop! Now, THAT will be worth writing about.

2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here”

  1. So sorry about the water leak problem, especially the floor damage. Rick has worked so hard to fit it all and match it so beautifully. The big news is that you will be completing America’s Great Loop. That will be quite the accomplishment. You will have to do something special to celebrate. Thank you for your itinerary.

  2. Well, I guess it’s a good thing the leak happened when you had the time to fix it. I hope the next leg of your trip has no hiccups. 😀

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