Master Packer Strikes Again!

We got news that all the paperwork was in. We were just waiting for the previous owners to get all their personal belongings off the boat (including the furniture and the mattress in the master cabin). We checked out of the hotel in the morning so everything we had accumulated over the last three weeks had to fit in the Prius. We added a few things as we were sitting around waiting for this day including two big ticket items—A new queen mattress (one of those foam mattresses that is so good for support) and two bar stools. So we had three big boxes (the mattress comes compressed and rolled up) along with our suitcases, backpacks, computer, printer, snacks, plants, books, and odds and ends. No way were we getting that all in our tiny car. No way. Rick said, “No problem.” Sure and shit (how did that expression come about?), the Master Packer as he is known, got it all in without having to put anything on the roof and I had to eat crow.


Because we were waiting for the former owners to get their stuff out, we had to find a way to waste most of the day. We went to breakfast. We went shopping and added a few more bags to the car. We ate lunch. We sat in the restaurant fretting about a puppy that had no collar or leash but was very patiently sitting outside the doors to the restaurant looking in, waiting for his master. When we left, we watched the old guy (who looked like a Willie Nelson in grunge mode) gather his pup, put him on the back of a bicycle and pedal away. He had a sign that said they were traveling cross country to bring awareness to homeless pets and although we were sure he was collecting money to live rather than donate, that was a good reason to pull up and contribute. We were in a right turn only lane and a surly trucker honked his horn at me as I scurried out of the car and made my way to the man and his pup.

Finally, as it headed into mid-afternoon we decided to go to the Pioneer Village in Denison. A whole village of cabins and the like from early homesteading time laid out as a little village. It cost us a whole three bucks per person to get in so we weren’t expecting much. It was actually fascinating. There was a one room cabin that had housed a couple and their 14 children. Now, how they were able to raise 14 children in one room (let along conceive 14 children in one room) is unfathomable to me. The village also had a wealthy landowner with a huge mansion, a dentist, a country store, a church, a jail and courthouse. It also had a VERY rare find—a women’s bathroom that was dirtier than the men’s. Cockroaches in the toilet and when I opened the door so much dust flew in my face that I ended up with a sinus headache. I confess I used the men’s.

Right before dinner we stopped into the marina office to see the progress. They were still working on gathering their stuff. We had to hotel it one more night.  *Sigh.*

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